3-Me-PCE HCl


N-ethyl-1-(3-methylphenyl)cyclohexan-1-amine, also known as 3-Me-PCE or 3-Methyl-PCE, is a novel research chemical of the Arylcyclohexylamine family. There is not much literature about it, but it seems to be a straightforward arylcycohexylamine where the 3-Methyl group is swapped as seen in other compounds like 3-Me-PCP or DMXE.

Availability of 3-Me-PCE HCl.

You can select between 250mg, 500mg, 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, and 20g to buy 3-Me-PCE Hydrochloride here at top quality.

Storage conditions of 3-Me-PCE HCl.

Once you’ve received your 3-Me-PCE Hydrochloride item, don’t forget to store it far from sunlight, in dry places, and at room temperature of 20-25ºC at maximum. If you want to highly preserve the quality of 3-Me-PCE Hydrochloride, Barewood suggests you get a vacuum sealing machine. Don’t forget to ask us if you have any doubts or questions about that.

Handling your 3-Me-PCE Hydrochloride.

We strongly recommend you take special safety measures when handling your 3-Me-PCE Hydrochloride like wearing an FFP-2 mask or gloves.

Where to buy 3-Me-PCE Hydrochloride?

You can buy research chemicals including 3-Me-PCE Hydrochloride on our website, Bare-wood. All our research chemicals are tested and analized before setting them for sale. It’s the only way to confirm our top-quality 3-Me-PCE Hydrochloride. If you need the results or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. 3-Me-PCE Hydrochloride is only available in powder form, but we have some other research chemicals in blotter and pellets form.

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