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Barewood cigars for sale quality and consistency above allBarewoods offers premier quality pre-rolls to patients across the board. Dedicated to consistency and an excellent marijuana experience. Barewoods provides a line of finely crafted and consistent pre-rolls so patients can reliably medicate. No matter why you’re seeking marijuana. Barewoods is the pre-roll experience on which you can count.

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Barewoods sprung from Bare Farms. Coming together as a grower’s collective in 2007 by uniting cultivators with over 20 years of cannabis experience. They shared a common goal of getting the best possible product out there for patients.

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And while the demand for their quality flower increased. Bare Farms took care to keep their cannabis consistent. With their high quality and standards. Rising with the best of the cannabis industry while navigating changing regulations. Bare Farms launched Barewoods in 2015 with great success. Offering a clean, organically sourced and contaminant-free pre-roll. That patients across Southern California seek. Barewoods plans on taking their pre-rolls to everywhere cannabis is legal. And dedicating their highquality to the patients they served in their early days.

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